Hogsmill river restoration

Weir before Weir during restoration Weir after
Weir before ...
during ...
... and after restoration.

"Happy fish" need help to navigate some of our more urbanised rivers, where weirs and other structures can block their path up and down stream. The Wandle Trust have been working in south west London to improve the status of local rivers, including removal of weirs on the upper Hogsmill. Horritt Consulting have been helping by modifying existing ISIS models to assess the likely impact of weir removal on flood risk, and to assess the hydraulic conditions for design options for the restored river reach. We're very pleased to see the finished product, and hope that the fish like it!

Read more about this project on the Wandle Trust blog here.

Climate Change Risk Assessment

Horritt Consulting is working as part of a consortium undertaking a UK wide flood risk assessment to support the Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017. This involves bringing together national data sets for Engalnd, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which represent hazards from fluvial, coastal, surface water and groundwater flood risk. These will then be modified to represent uplifts to river flows, sea levels and intense rainfall, and future risk to people, property and the environment assessed.

Perhaps the most exciting and challenging aspect of the project is the development of a "Future Flood Explorer" (FFE) which will allow a wide range of users to investigate the impact of adaptation measures on future risk, and help guide future policy. The FFE represents a significant advance in how we do national risk assessment - for the first time we'll be able to use a simple desktop application to explore risk and adaptation strategies at UK scale.

Flood Risk Mapping and Forecasting in the Philippines

Arayat and Pampanga river

The Philippines is one of the countries most vulnerable to natural disasters. In 2013, typhoon Haiyan killed 6000 people and left millions homeless - and disasters such as these are not uncommon in the Philippines. We've been helping the DREAM (Disaster Risk and Exposure Assessment for Mitigation) programme to improve their flood risk maps and forecasts, visiting the programme at the University of the Philippines in Manila for 3 months in 2014. Work has involved training in hydrology and hydraulics, improving modelling using HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS and FLO-2D, and setting up QA procedures for model outputs.

Matt worked on this project as an EU Aid volunteer supported by VSO in the UK and the Philippines. The work is ongoing with work to validate rainfall forecasts and assess their suitability for flood forecasting.

Other Projects

We've also worked with the Environment Agency on a number of national flood mapping proects (updated flood map for surface water, long term investement strategy, NaFRA) and continue to be involved with the state of the nation NaFRA updates and long term development of national flood risk approaches. We've worked with SEPA on developing their national fluvial flood map and are currently helping to review flood maps in Northern Ireland.

We've also developed new functionality in ISIS2D, developed models for global flood mapping, undertaken flood risk assessments and hydrological analysis in UK, Africa, Asia and Canada.