Matt Horritt


Matt is an experienced chartered engineer, researcher and scientific programmer who has been working in flood risk for almost 20 years. His focus is on developing and delivering approaches to environmental and flood risk management in the UK and abroad, based on his extensive experience in research and development in industry and universities. This brings together software development, spatial data analysis and aspects of hydrology and hydraulic engineering. He also develops and delivers technical training courses to communicate complex ideas in hydrology, hydraulics and risk in a practical way.
Matt has also worked for the development charity VSO on projects in forestry mapping for the Indonesian government and flood risk management in the Philippines.



Heinz is the newest member of staff, having arrived from a Blue Cross rehoming centre in July 2014. His role mainly involves day-to-day project management, reminding other staff when it's time for dinner or walks. He also enjoys snoring and barking in his sleep, especially during teleconferences.